Thursday, June 15, 2006

Girls Night Out

Last Night I went out on the town...

Well, ok, I just went to a restaurant down the road but, there was wine, good food, and pleasant conversation. And, no one under the age of 20. And, no husbands.

Did I mention there were NO kids?

It was an end of year party for the group that organizes the excercise classes I have been taking. I was a bit nervous since I didn't know these women very well. I convinced a friend to come with me but, I had nothing to worry about because we were soon chatting with all the women sitting within earshot.

One of the women is the mom from my 8yo's elementary school class. When she told me her daughter's name I realized she's the girl my son has a crush on. He drew a picture of her daughter, Maddy locked up in a tree house and him coming to save her. (just like his dad, he wants to be superman) And I have another page where he wrote "Maddy's Lovers". We all had a good chuckle about young love.

I was quite happy we got there when we did because I found a seat next to the organization's daycare manager. All the day courses include free childcare, without which I would not be able to take a class. Obviously this makes the courses and the daycare very popular. When I signed up the first time, I was not sure it would work out. The center is a 15 minute drive away and in the winter with coats and boots and getting the kids ready and finding parking and carrying the babies and my bag with my workout gear (including weights) and the kids stuff I thought it might just be too much hastle to get to the class. If my kids (1yo and 2yo) cried everytime I dropped them off, I would have used that as my excuse not to go. However, this did not happen. The daycare staff, especially the manager (that I was lucky enought to sit next to last night) were amazing. My kids loved it so much, my 2yo would ask all the time to go to "gym day" and my 1yo started doing the hand gestures for the wheels on the bus that they sang at daycare. So, thanks to them, I had no excuse not to work out!

It was nice to get the chance to tell her how much my kids enjoy going to their "gym day" and I got to know her a bit better. It turns out her youngest son is graduating from the same high school my daughter attends. Since her kids are older than mine, I asked her for advice on everything fron driver's licences to summer jobs. Her kids are lifeguards and my daughter has her bronze cross and bronze medalion so she could lifeguard next summer. We talked the (too tight, too skimpy) bathing suits they wear and the parties they go to and how she got them home at a decent hour.

Since I have babies and teens I have issues in common with most moms whether they are new mom's with little kids, elementary school volunteers or frustrated parents of teens so I talked to many of the women there and only a couple of jaws dropped when they heard I have 5.

It was a really pleasant evening. It just made me aware that I've got to get out more. Not that my virtual internet friends aren't great, you are but, I don't know that it would be so healthy for me to polish off bottles of wine while I sit in my basement clicking away on my keyboard.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Huge Map and gardening

Today, we completed a few things that have been on my to do list for too long. We put up the map my husband bought me for Christmas. I asked for a map that we could put up in the dining room so we could start showing the kids where things are in the world. I really don't think they teach enough global geography in school. They focus too much on North America. Anyway, I thought he would get me an inexpensive map about the size of a piece of Bristol board (2X3) Instead he bought me this huge(4X6) plastic laminated National Geographic Map. It was supposed to be $100 but he got it for the low low price of $60. It's great except, we didn't know how to put it up on the wall. We tried fun-tac but, that wasn't strong enough. We taped it up with clear plastic tape but, after a few days it would slowly curl up and fall down. So, It was in the corner of our bedroom all rolled up for months. Today, my husband cut some molding to make a frame and we nailed (and glued) it onto the wall. We just stand in front of it and look at it. There are so many countries I've never heard of and I was way off in where I thought New Guinea is. I'm going to learn so much thanks to my man and his HUGE map.

In the afternoon it finally, stopped raining. It's been raining here for days and the past few weekends have been rainy too, so we didn't get our little vegetable garden planted. Before you thing I am a real gardener, let me tell you, we have two 4'X4' garden boxes that we plant a few store bough vegetable plants in. It's mostly to show the kids where vegetables actually come from. We have fun watching them grow and picking a fresh cucumber for dinner once in a while. We usually plant cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and some lettuce. What do you plant? What works well? What's really easy to grow so even a hopeless suburbanite like me can grow it?

Two of the kids went to birthday parties today. One was a gymnastics party, the other laserquest. Both expensive. The laserquest on, there was 14 kids. It must have cost a small fortune. When I went to pick my son up they were enjoying the pool and the hot tub spa. I took a peak in the house, all nicely renovated and decorated. It makes me feel like we're missing something. My husband makes a good salary how can they afford SO MUCH more? Ok, ok I don't really want to keep up with the Jones's it's just...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

End of the world

I didn't post on my blog yesterday because I figured, what's the point? The world is going to end because the date is 06/06/06.

Well here we are a day later and the apocalypse didn't happen. Oh darn, I guess that means I have to do the laundry too.

I am always amazed when people read way too much into dates. For me, any day is just another day. You don't need to call me on my birthday or get together on Christmas day, any day will do. Being the child of divorced parents, it really bothered me when one of my parents would get mad and sulk because I didn't chose to spend a special day with them. How did I solve this dilemma? I don't spend any special days with either one of them.

I have to admit though, I am guilty of saving things for a special day. I buy fancy candles and save them for a special occasion. Then I forget where I stored them and find them melted two years later. Or I wait to get my hair cut until I have something special to do, then my hair gets way too long, I get frustrated, cut my bangs myself and THEN go to the hairdresser. But the worst thing I save for special occasions are the loving words I want to say to my husband and my kids. I think of all the touching things I will write or say to them when it's their birthday or graduation or fathers day but when those days actually come we are usually too busy or I don't know how to say it just right. The 'special' days pass with true feelings again unsaid or if I do say them, the special days are not frequent enough.

My husband is the opposite. I can't ever buy candles for a special occasion without hiding them because he'll use them every day. I think his way is better. So, tonight I'm lighting some candles and having a special ordinary family dinner. If I owned good china I'd use it. And I'm going to remind each member of my family how much they mean to me today and every day.

What about you? Do you save the good bath salts for a special occasion? Have they grown dusty on the shelf in the bathroom? Come on, join me and use them on this special day. After all, it's the day afetr the end of the world!

Monday, June 05, 2006


Baseball is as American as apple pie but, I'm not American. I'm Canadian. Not that I don't enjoy a nice slice of apple pie now and then. I also eat tarte aux sucre and tortiere things that you may not find in some all american towns. We're not huge baseball fans here in Montreal since the Expos went south but, tonight I went to a baseball game. My 8yo son's first game. It was great. Maybe a little long, and no our team did not win.

For the first few innings it looked like we were gonna get whooped 25 - 0. Then one player on our team hit the ball and then another and another until we finally got one run. Two more made it home and it was our son's turn to bat. He is the smallest kid on his team, even smaller than the girls. It is his first time playing baseball so he barely knows the rules let alone how to hit the ball. I was nervous for him. I didn't want him to be the first kid to strike out this inning. The bases were loaded, if he could just hit the ball and make it to first their team might score. He swung and missed. I kept my mouth shut. I know he didn't need anyone shouting out how to hit the ball. Especially me, I doubt I could hit it either. He missed again then, on the next pitch he hit it. No he didn't hit a home run, he barely tapped it halfway to the pitcher but, in the confusion to see where the ball went he made it to first and another kid made it home. Our team struck out before my son made it home but, I could see on his face how happy he was just to have hit the ball and made it on base. And did I mention the other team was huge. I think some of the kids had mustaches!

I've read other blogs where mom's complain about how long the games are, how long the season is and how much time it takes up and I'm sure I'll feel that way too but, tonight was such a pleasure. Seeing the look of pride on his little face.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh pity me

As if no microwave were not bad enough. I now have NO AIR CONDITIONING in the van. We don't have air conditioning at home so sometimes when it's really hot I load up the kids into the van and drive off to the mall but now, getting in the van is almost unbearable. My dear husband has gone off to canadian tire to see if he can get stuff to fix it.

And there are people starving in the world. Our environment is being poisoned by toxic gasses from our over dependance on fosil fuels. Refugees are forced to flee their homes in fear, they live in tents and stand in line for water if they are lucky.

Ok, I am regaining perspective. I have it so good.

Say it with me "We have it so good."

What do you do to maintain awareness of those truly in need?
Do you read or watch the news?
If some international crisis catches your attention do you research to find out what you can do to help?
Do you regularly support charitable organizations?
How much do you know about the organizations you support?

I really wish I could do something tangible with my children to make them aware of what life is like for those less fortunate than us. We help with Christmas baskets for the needy. We always donate our old clothes, toys and things to a place that gives them to those in need. We give to our church and we gave money and school supplies to help to build a school in Malawi. It still does not seem like enough.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Green Thumb

To those of you who complain that any plant you touch dies. Please come to my house...

... I have some weeds you can touch.

I love gardening but, the weeds are taking over my lawn. I never used those evil pesticides/herbicides when they were legal. Now that they've been banned I wish I had used them. I think the only solution is to dig up my whole lawn and start over.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Oh how I've been negelecting you dear internet

I'm treating you like I treat my real life friends. I'm ignoring you and not answering the phone.

In my defense let me just say we still have no microwave. Can you forgive me now?

It was a busy weekend. My husband had his first rugby game of the season, my son had his first communion and I took the kids to Finnigan's (local flea/antique market) for the firsat time this year. The weather was lovely and we had a very nice weekend although it was quite busy.

My oldest came back from her Manitoba exchange trip on Sunday. She had a good time. She got bit by a tick so now I'm worried about lime disease. She didn't call us much while she was away. I'm sure she missed us terribly, NOT. I'll have to develop her pictures to see what she did while she was away. The other kids missed her. Especially the baby who is quite attached to my oldest. My 7yo daughter missed her older sister when she was asked to help with the baby.

Went to my bodyshaping class today. It was tough because it's not air conditioned so it was HOT. I must have sweat away a couple of pounds. You know the ones I put on when we had people over after my son's first communion.

And what's with the full length embroydered and beaded wedding dresses and viels for first communion? Is it just me that thinks it's a bit much? I mean I want them to have a nice dress too but, they're not getting married.

I'm off to do some more planting and enjoy the nice weather.