Friday, February 17, 2006

The Middle Child

We call our 6 year old our *special* child. There is nothing wrong with her. She is just very um, creative and high spirited and determined. She views things in her own pink princess way. We have learned not to assume we know her mind because, just when we think we have her figured out, she changes her mind.

When she was about 3, one of the other pre-school kids pushed her . When we heard this we asked our son who is a year and a half older than her, if he took care of his little sister. "Did you tell the boy to be gentle with your sister?" we asked. To that our tiny dainty little girl replied: "NO, I WILL TELL HIM" She doesn't need people to stick up for *her*!

She is the one we worried about when we sent her off to school. Or maybe we were worried about the teacher. We anticipated the phone calls from teachers and yes, we have received them. Like the time they called because our special child gave a girl in her class the finger. Where would she learn to do that?

She likes to do things *her* way. She definitely knows her own mind. I sit with her to help her with her homework. My kids are in french immersion so 85% of there work is in french. If I explain the meaning of a sentence and she likes her version better... She'll just answer what she thinks the question is. So, we do the same page several times. Her way, my way and then what she will actually hand in. Her teacher also knows she likes to do things when *she* feels like it, so even though her work habits "need improvement", the teacher is doing nothing to change it. "sigh..."

In spite of all her * special* qualities, and also because of them, I love her dearly.

Today she said to me "Ooooh I have a very DIZZY head".

"You've just figured this out hun?" I replied.


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